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Subject: Cursed Breaking Up
Posted by: by on May 22,2008 2:55pm
When Your Number's Up

"Yeah, you heard. Apparently, it gets even worse. That's all I know or even want to know for now. We got robbed at the very end of tour in a totally unreal, extremely sketch...(read more)

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May 19, 2008 - the Cursed got robbed [ replies-discuss]
Nov 25, 2007 - Cursed III [ replies-discuss]
May 15, 2006 - Terrorfest info [ replies-discuss]
Jan 12, 2006 - los angeles murder fest!!!!!! [ replies-discuss]
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31 ThuCursed, Perils Of Reasoning, No Funeral, AHOY, Bonegraft The Village Pub South Amityville, NY +
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27 FriThe Accursed, Smite The Righteous and more tba All Ages! The Center for the Arts, Natick, MA +
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20 SatThe Accursed, Zircon, Sign of the Goat and Anfauglir [view flyer] The Bullpen, New Bedford MA 02740 +
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01 FriThe Accursed, Through Sick & Sin, Composted, Woodchipper Demise, Gut Bucket - $5 - 9 pm - 18+ [rttp forum] The Ruckus Room @ Accu Billiards - 3057 Acushnet Ave. - New Bedford, Massachusetts +
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14 Fricursed, Nailsplitter, CA13, Weakness [link] The Story (Sarnia, ON) +
15 Satcursed, Our Father, SAW [link] Mandarin Shoes (Niagara Falls, ON) +
16 Suncursed, Vilipend, Titan, Strawman Fallacy [link] Brickyard BBQ (Etobicoke, ON) +
22 Satcursed, Career Suicide, 50WattHead, Living Darkness [link] Lee's (Toronto, ON) +
23 Suncursed, Our Father, Sailboats Are White, Eating Glass, Titan [link] Pomona House (Burlington, ON) +
28 Fricursed, Taken, To The Lions, Vatican Chainsaw Massacre [link] Casbah (Hamilton, ON) +
30 Suncursed [link] Sonic Boom (Toronto, ON) +
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04 Fricursed, Jesus Mullet [link] End Hits Records (Ottawa, ON) +
05 Satcursed, Black Ships, Barnburner, Kraken [link] The Black Dot (Montreal, PQ) +
06 Suncursed, Living Darkness, Eating Glass, Titan [link] Underdog (Peterborough, ON) +
11 Fricursed, Endless Blockade, XBrainiaX [link] Coach & Horses (Windsor, ON) +
12 Satcursed, Endless Blockade, Nailsplitter, Black Ships, Midwives [link] Wippet Lounge (London, ON) +
13 Suncursed, Endless Blockade, Black Ships, Father's Day [link] Cory's House (Kitchener, ON) +
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:May 9,2005 4:27pm - post by anon
bad ass dudes.

and if you have an idea for something else email it
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April 01,2005 Roman's (Brockton, Ma)
March 02,2003 Middle East (Cambridge, Ma)
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