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Destroy the Opposition - Relapse - 2000
Infatuation with Malevolence - . - 1999
Grotesque Impalment - . - 1998
- - 2012-06-15
Stop at Nothing - relapse - 2003-05-13
Killing On Adrenaline - Morbid Records - 1998-07-27
Purification Through Violence - Pulverizer Records - 1996
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Subject: DYING FETUS Fan Rests In The Pit As Band Honors Him By Scattering Ashes at Concert
Posted by: by on May 5,2016 9:20am
DYING FETUS are currently on the road headlining the "Metal Alliance Tour" with support from THE ACACIA STRAIN, JUNGLE ROT, BLACK CROWN INITIATE and rotating openers REAPING ASMEDEIA and NYLITHIA.
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Mar 27, 2012 - Six Feet Under tour with Dying Fetus & Revocation [ replies-discuss]
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:May 26,2005 1:36am - post by ilce
i think you guy are realy good ,'' ROCK MY PANTS''
:May 6,2005 12:27pm - post by HYNESS
:May 6,2005 12:26pm - post by HYNESS
:May 6,2005 12:24pm - post by HYNESS
:May 6,2005 12:23pm - post by HYNESS
:May 3,2005 5:31am - post by Sinša+Čečavac

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