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Wreck Room Punk Rock Pool Hall
940 Flushing Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Take the L to Morgan Ave.
Walk South to Flushing Ave.
Turn Right on Flushing Ave.

Rock Pool Hall is a place where we do free Hardcore, Punk, OI, shows at The Wreckroom in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Located at 940 Flushing Ave. between Central and Evergreen, it's easy to get there by train using either the L or the J and M trains. Take the L train to Morgan Ave. walk out the right side exit and go straight on Morgan to Flushing Ave. Turn right and walk down a block and a half, it'll be on your left side, look for the neon beer signs. Or take the J/M train to Flushing Ave. exit the oposite side of Woodhall Medical Center and walk down Flushing Ave. 3 blocks and it will be on your right side.
So what happens at Punk Rock Pool Hall?
We got hardcore bands playing, then we got DJ's spinning classic hardcore, punk, and ska till whenever, and Doug slingin' cheap drinks at ya, and of course, there is pool!
So why not come check it out!

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