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Venue Info for:
Cantab Lounge
738 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 354 - 2685
Local Directions:
The Cantab Lounge is centrally located and easy to find at 738 Massachusetts Avenue (MassAve) in colorful Central Square Cambridge at the "north" end of the square on the "west" side of the street, two doors down from the 7-Eleven on the corner of MassAve and Pleasant.

From the West:
Consult a map in conjunction with all directions. Take MassPike I-90 East to Exit 18 for Allston & Cambridge. Watch out! It's a LEFT exit and the people here drive like lunatics. After the tollbooth, follow signs for Central Square. 1.2 miles from the tollbooth, youíll hit MassAve at right angles.

At this intersection, the Cantab is less than one block to your LEFT ("north"), but you canít take a left there. So: cross MassAve and go around the block by making LEFTs. After your final LEFT onto MassAve again, the Cantab comes up quickly on your RIGHT ("west").

From the North: many routes possible
Locals might take 93 South to Medford, find and turn LEFT ("south") onto MassAve, and proceed "south" to Central Square Cambridge to find the Cantabís green awning on the RIGHT at 738 MassAve. It might take 45 minutes driving carefully from the Medford exit off 93 to the Cantab. If you get lost, and you will, keep heading "south" on MassAve to Central Square.

From the South: many routes possible
From NYC, take I-90. From Rhode Island or Cape Cod, take 93 North to the MassPike West to Exit 18 to Central Square Cambridge. As above, the distance from the Exit 18 tollbooth to MassAve in Central Square is 1.2 miles. Follow directions above in the third paragraph beginning "At this intersection".

Street & Lot Parking at the Cantab:
Governed by the Law of Karma and the phase of the moon. Try surrounding streets and the two lots out back. Drive around slowly, think pure thoughts, and you'll find a spot. Meters go out of effect at 6:00 pm.

Public Transportation to the Cantab:
Take the Red Line train to Central Square and walk one block "north" to find the Cantab on your Left ("west"). The MassAve/Dudley Station bus goes right by the door.

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