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Cha Cha\'s
1229 Coney Island Boardwalk
Brooklyn, NY
By subway: Take the downtown D/F/Q/N train to
the end of the line ( Stillwell Avenue ). Exit the
station and walk down Stillwell toward the water.
At the boardwalk, make a left -- Cha Cha's
is two doors down.

By car: Belt Parkway to Coney Island exit. Turn
south on Ocean Parkway toward the water (the
cross streets should be going from Avenue A
to Avenue Z, not Z to A). After 2 overpasses,
Ocean Parkway curves right and becomes
Seabreeze. Seabreeze becomes Surf Avenue .
Stay on Surf Avenue past the NY Aquarium
to Stillwell Avenue . Make a left on Stillwall
and park. Walk down Stillwell to the boardwalk.
Cha Cha's is two doors to the left.

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