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Venue Info for:
Sonelab Studios
142 Pleasant St.
Easthampton, MA
Phone: (413) 203-5251
From Providence

I-95 N

Take exit 23 to merge onto RI-146 N toward US-44/Woonsocket/State Offices
Entering Massachusetts
go 16.2 mi
total 17.4 mi

Continue onto MA-146 N/Worcester-Providence Turnpike
About 17 mins

go 17.9 mi
total 35.4 mi

Take the exit toward US-20/I-90/Boston/Springfield

go 0.3 mi
total 35.7 mi

Turn left onto the Interstate 90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike E ramp to Boston/Springfield
Partial toll road go 0.3 mi total 36.2 mi

Keep left at the fork and merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike
Partial toll road
About 50 mins

go 48.1 mi
total 84.3 mi

Take exit 4 to merge onto I-91 N toward Holyoke
Partial toll road
About 6 mins

go 4.8 mi
total 89.0 mi

Take exit 17B to merge onto MA-141 W/Hampden St toward Easthampton
Continue to follow MA-141 W
About 8 mins

go 4.7 mi
total 93.8 mi

Slight right onto Union St
About 54 secs

go 0.4 mi
total 94.1 mi

Turn right onto Main St/Massachusetts Route 10 N
go 0.2 mi
total 94.3 mi

Continue onto Pleasant St
Destination will be on the right

go 0.5 mi
total 94.8 mi
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