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Venue Info for:
Elks Lodge

York, ME
Phone: 207-361-2788
Coming from the SOUTH
take interstate 95 into
maine. you will have to get off the highway at exit 4 which is the
yorks/ogunquit exit. exit four is 4 or 5 miles after the big bridge
sepperating maine and newhampshire. veer to the right while coming off
the exit 4 off ramp. you will immediately come to a set of lights. at these
lights take a left. you will now be traveling on route one. this is
the rode that the york elks lodge is on. the elks lodge is 7 miles down route
one on your left. it is a big white building set on a small hill. it
is right before the york ogunquit border so if you see a sign that says welcome
to ogunquit you've gone too far.

Coming from the NORTH
take the yorks/ogunquit exit 4 not
the biddeford exit 4. you take a left while getting off the off
ramp. when you reach the neares! t set of lights preceed to follow the
directions above.
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