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JRs Rockhouse
1500 Oaklawn Avenue
Cranston, RI
FROM RTE. 95 Northbound

Take exit 11 (rt. 295 N., from the left lane). Take exit 2 toward the Warwick Mall. Take a right at your first light. Take a left at the second light (rt. 5 north). Mardi Gras is at your next light, about 1/3 mile on your right, directly across from Uncle Tony’s restaurant and Marshall’s Plaza.

FROM RTE. 95 Southbound
Take exit 12A (rt. 113 East). Go straight up to your first intersection, bear right at the fork, but take an immediate left at the light onto rt. 5 North. Mardi Gras is about 2 ˝ miles up on the right hand side, directly across from Uncle Tony’s Pizza and Marshall’s Plaza.

FROM RTE. 295 Southbound
Take exit 3A (T.F.Greene Airport, rt. 37 E). Take exit 2A (Oaklawn) Follow the signs to rt. 5 . When you reach rt. 5 (there is a 99 Pub directly in front of you), take a left. At the 2nd light, take a left, you will be in the Mardi Gras parking lot.
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