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sahara club
135 washington ave
portland, ME
close to downtown. take congress street towards munjoy hill, turn left at washington ave (mountfort st is on your right at this stop light). sahara club is small building with desert mural painted on its facade, a couple blocks up on the right.

From the south or 95 and 295

95 to exit 44 ( 295 North ) 60cent toll or take exit 45 and get off on the second on ramp to 295 North( no toll )
From 295 take exit 7.
Take a left at the second light onto fox st. ( theres a big whole foods on the corner across the street on your right )
Go up to the end of fox st ( top of the hill )
Youre on Washington ave now and the sahara club is across the st from you kind of diagonally on to the left.
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