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Deering Grange HALL
1408 Washington Ave
Portland, ME
Rt 95 North -Take the Riverside St. exit 48 to Larrabee Rd. (ME-25)/(US-302) - go 0.5 mi

Turn right at Riverside St and head toward Route Us 302/Municipal Golf - go 0.4 mi

Turn right at Warren Ave - go 1.6 mi

Turn right at 10th Mountain Division Hwy/Forest Ave - go 0.1 mi

Turn left and head toward Allen Ave - go 70 ft

Turn left at Allen Ave - go 0.6 mi

Turn left at Pennell Ave - go 0.1 mi

Turn right at Cypress St - go 0.2 mi

Arrive at 1408 Washington Ave, Portland, ME 04103

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