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Hanover House
239 anover St.
Meriden, CT
Phone: (203) 238-2749
(rest in peace)
Merge onto I-495 S
Take the I-90/MASS. PIKE exit, exit number 22, towards BOSTON/ALBANY N.Y..
Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp.
Merge onto I-90 W (Portions toll).
Take the I-84 exit, exit number 9, towards HARTFORD(US-20)/NEW YORK CITY.
Take the CT-15 SOUTH exit, exit number 57, on the left towards CHARTER OAK BR(I-91 S)/N. Y. CITY.
Take the I-91 SOUTH exit towards NEW HAVEN/N. Y. CITY.
Take the I-691 WEST exit, exit number 18, towards MERIDEN/WATERBURY.
Take the exit, exit number 7, towards DOWNTOWN MERIDEN.
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