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Stratford RM -UNH (Durham, NH)
mast rd
Durham, NH
Web: http://

15: Take the I-95 N exit towards N.H./MAINE. 0.45 miles
16: Merge onto I-95 N (Portions toll). 37.86 miles
17: Take the US-4/RT-16 exit- exit number 4- on the left towards N.H. LAKES/WHITE MTS./SPAULDING TPKE. 0.61 miles

18: Merge onto US-4 N (Portions toll). 5.43 miles

19: Take the US-4 W exit- exit number 6W- towards US-202/DOVER PT./CONCORD. 0.28 miles

20: Merge onto US-4. 6.74 miles

21: Take the RT-155A ramp towards UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE/DURHAM. 0.28 miles -- this "exit" is a set of light. it is a left hand turn.

22: drive until you come to the "durham 500" which is the center of town, this is a rotary which has the few blocks in the middle of it. take a right here (there will be a store 24 in front of you)

23: take a left on to main street.

24: take your first right (mast rd)

25 thr MUB is where the concert is being held. it's at the end of the first parking lot (ON THE RIGHT) you come to.

if there is no parking in this first parking lot, call me.
though, you should probably call me so we can bring you to unload your gear too.
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