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The Kave
Kathy Findlay 177 Silver Lake Rd. Bucksport, ME 04416
Bucksport, ME
Phone: (207) 469-6473
get off highway 95 on exit 45 bangor/brewer you come onto 395

go to exit 4

it says south maine street brewer

take that and stay straight to light

sign there says rte 15

bucksport take a left at the l ight

it's around 18 miles roughly on rte 15 into bucksport

you will go past international paper mill on your right keep going

then you will come to sawyer's auto sales on your right and riverview auto on your right

directly across from these auto sales (only ones in town) is mcdonald street on your left

take that and go 1/8th of a mile

the kave is on your right hand side

just before the silver lake cemetary

there is a lit sign on the roof and parking is out back

see everyone soon

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