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Moose Lodge
56 Washington Street
Westfield, MA
Phone: 413-568-2795
5: Merge onto I-495 S via exit number 44B toward LOWELL. 32.27 miles
6: Merge onto I-290 W via exit number 25B toward WORCESTER. 20.11 miles
7: Take the I-90 exit- exit number 7- toward MASS. PIKE/RT-12 N/AUBURN. 0.25 miles
8: Take the I-90 ramp toward MASS PIKE. 0.52 miles
9: Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. 0.44 miles
10: Merge onto I-90 W/MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE (Portions toll). 49.46 miles
11: Take the exit- exit number 3- toward RT-10/WESTFIELD/US-202/NORTHAMPTON. 0.45 miles
12: Stay straight to go onto PRIDE WAY. 0.13 miles
13: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto US-202/MA-10/SOUTHAMPTON RD. Continue to follow US-202/MA-10. 1.50 miles
14: Turn RIGHT onto US-20/FRANKLIN ST. 0.16 miles
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