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Polish Knights Club
90 Willow St
Meriden, CT
6: Merge onto I-495 S via the ramp- on the left- toward LOWELL/ MARLBORO. 34.43 miles
7: Merge onto I-290 W via exit number 25B toward WORCESTER. 20.11 miles
8: Take the I-90 exit- exit number 7- toward MASS. PIKE/ RT-12 N/ AUBURN. 0.25 miles
9: Take the I-90 ramp toward MASS PIKE. 0.52 miles
10: Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. 0.44 miles
11: Merge onto I-90 W/ MASS PIKE/ MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE (Portions toll). 11.40 miles
12: Merge onto I-84 W via exit number 9 toward HARTFORD/ NEW YORK CITY (Portions toll). 41.59 miles
13: Merge onto CT-15 S/ WILBUR CROSS HWY via exit number 57- on the left- toward I-91 S/ CHARTER OAK BR/ N. Y. CITY. 1.93 miles
14: Merge onto I-91 S via exit number 86 toward NEW HAVEN/ N. Y. CITY. 16.56 miles
15: Merge onto I-691 W via exit number 18 toward MERIDEN/ WATERBURY. 1.75 miles
16: Take the exit- exit number 7- toward DOWNTOWN MERIDEN. 0.06 miles
17: Turn LEFT onto CENTER ST. 0.25 miles
18: Turn RIGHT onto PRATT ST. 0.21 miles
19: Turn LEFT onto CATLIN ST. 0.18 miles
20: Turn RIGHT onto CATLIN ST. 0.01 miles
21: CATLIN ST becomes E MAIN ST. 0.06 miles
22: Turn LEFT onto WILLOW ST. 0.16 miles

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