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American Legion (Northampton, ma)
63 Riverside Dr
Northampton, MA
From I-91 North:
take exit 18, Rt 5, Northampton center.
Turn left off exit.
follow this street (pleasant st) about 2 mile to the first stop light.
turn left onto main st
at next light (you''l have the academy of music on the right and a church on the left) go straight then bear right onto Rt 9/Locust St (I'm pretty sure this is locust, if not, it turns into it)
follow rt 9/locust st for about 2 miles till you see Northampton high on the left, there will be islands dividing the road here. at the break in the islands where you can turn left, do so. the road bears right and goes down a hill.
at teh bottom of the hill, turn left.
this is a weird fork, so bear to the right, the bigger road.
the legion is about 4 or 5 houses down, on the right. it looks a lot like the other houses there, except there's beer lights in the windows and a parking lot.
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