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Venue Info for:
The Box of Knives
71 Troy St
Providence, RI
ok if you guys get on 95 south into providence just follow these directions and they will get you there
You wanna get over to the right lanes, and when Providence Place Mall is coming up on the left, they be an exit, 22, that splits into three lanes take 22B, which brings you onto route 6, and stay to the right lanes.

When route 6 starts to curve to the right (it becomes 6A), stay all the way over to the right lane and take the Hartford Ave. exit.

You will see a big club called sanctuary at the end of the off-ramp, stay to the right, and you should pass Westminster Autobody on the right, and the road will curve over to the right, and end with a stoplight in front of a building plastered with Uniroyal signs. At that light, take a LEFT.

Go past the Olneyville NY System Wieners, and through the next set of lights. Soon you will see a car wash on your right side, take a RIGHT onto the street thatfs right before it.

Go to the end of the street (its like 100 feet long), and take a LEFT. At the intersection that comes up, take a RIGHT. You are now on Troy St.

Just drive down the road and you will see a parking lot on the left park in there, 71 is right across the street.

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