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UCONN South Campus Atrium

Storrs, CT

Take I-84 to exit 68. Go south on rt. 195 for approx. 6 miles until you enter campus. You will pass through campus, going through a number of lights, until you come to the intersection following the lake on your right. Take a right at the intersection following the school of fine arts (store 24 will be on the left, Bolton Rd.). If you pass the high school on the right, you've gone too far. Parking will be on the right hand side behind the dorm complex, in Lot S.
Venue (From S Lot):
Head opposite of the direction you drove into campus, toward the dorm complex. Once you reach the sidewalk behind the dormitory, follow it to your left and up the hill, between the two buildings. South Building D will be on your left. Enter the second set of doors to your left and the atrium will be to your immediate right.

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