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Venue Info for:
Red Planet Skatepark
77 West 1st Street
Oswego, NY
Phone: 315-440-3142
Merge onto I-95 N / MA-128 N toward PEABODY / PORTSMOUTH NH. 9.3 miles Map

7: Take the MASS. PIKE / I-90 exit- EXIT 25. 0.8 miles Map

8: Merge onto I-90 W via the exit on the LEFT toward NEW YORK / SPRINGFIELD / FRAMINGHAM (Portions toll) (Crossing into NEW YORK). 140.8 miles Map

9: Merge onto NEW YORK STATE THRUWAY W (Portions toll). 6.6 miles Map

10: Merge onto I-87 N / NEW YORK STATE THRUWAY N toward I-90 / ALBANY / BUFFALO (Portions toll). 15.2 miles Map

11: I-87 N / NEW YORK STATE THRUWAY N becomes I-90 W / NEW YORK STATE THRUWAY W (Portions toll). 127.4 miles Map

12: Merge onto I-481 N via EXIT 34A toward OSWEGO / WATERTOWN. 6.7 miles Map

13: Merge onto NY-481 N. 31.2 miles Map

14: Turn LEFT onto NY-104 / E BRIDGE ST. Continue to follow NY-104. 0.1 miles Map

15: Turn RIGHT onto W 1ST ST. 0.2 miles Map

16: End at 77 W 1st St
Oswego, NY 13126-1511, US Map

Total Est. Time: 5 hours, 38 minutes Total Est. Distance: 343.18 miles

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