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Big Heavy World
215 College St
Burlington, VT
Start out going NORTH on BELNAP RD toward PRESCOTT RD. <0.1 miles Map

2: Turn RIGHT onto CRANMORE RD. <0.1 miles Map

3: Turn LEFT onto TAMWORTH RD. 0.1 miles Map

4: Turn LEFT onto DEAN ST. 0.3 miles Map

5: Turn RIGHT onto PROVIDENCE HWY / US-1 N. Continue to follow PROVIDENCE HWY. 3.6 miles Map

6: Merge onto I-95 N / MA-128 N toward PEABODY / PORTSMOUTH NH. 26.5 miles Map

7: Merge onto I-93 N via EXIT 37B toward CONCORD NH (Portions toll) (Crossing into NEW HAMPSHIRE). 53.1 miles Map

8: Merge onto I-89 N toward LEBANON / WHITE RIVER JCT VT (Crossing into VERMONT). 150.4 miles Map

9: Merge onto US-2 W / THEODORE ROOSEVELT HWY via EXIT 14W toward BURLINGTON. 1.4 miles Map

10: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto MAIN ST. 0.2 miles Map

11: Turn RIGHT onto S WINOOSKI AVE. <0.1 miles Map

12: Turn LEFT onto COLLEGE ST. <0.1 miles Map

13: End at 215 College St
Burlington, VT 05401-8306, US Map

Total Est. Time: 3 hours, 57 minutes Total Est. Distance: 236.35 miles

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