Board is now offering banner ads. If you havenít been to the site before, it basically contains of 50K pictures that Iíve taking at various shows along with some of the most complete info on events and news from the metal/hardcore world (focusing on New England). I attend 2-5 concerts per week and post the pictures with in an hour (barring incident) on the website. This gives exposure to the loud rock community and also helps give free promo to bands, venues, labels, etc.

Why am I offering banner ads? Due to the fact that the RTTP now costs me $$$ out of my pocket each month (thousands per year) just to keep the server. So I need to find a non-intrusive way to support the site. Hence, Iím asking a limited number of people whose cause I support. This is not a way for me to actually make money, just a way for me to not lose as much on the site.

Current Options
img res = 468x60
file size = 20KB-60KB
format = .gif, .jpg, .png (other formats will be converted to one of these three)
Please, if animated, do not make them too annoying.

There are a few plans in the works for other ads.

Thank you,
Rev Aaron Michael Pepelis
AIM: returntothepit

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