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   le Reporte - Abbath

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What Abbath does
Worship Odin
Black Metal

User Comments
Old:: post by BobNOMAAMRooney at Aug 13,2005 5:17pm
Dude, where'd you go?

Old:: post by My_Dying_Bride at May 21,2005 10:31am
Subject: ameriuca...fuuuuck yeueah
i treasure our freindship

Old:: post by powerkok at May 7,2005 1:38pm
Subject: recording at mulletbeard
ya bro\'s, just lemme know when and well get you fuckers a sweet ass demo.

Old:: post by swamplorddvm at Apr 12,2005 4:32pm
\"7 DOUCHES you mean oh snap i rule\"

hahaha oh snap, indeed!

Old:: post by Coldnorthernvengeance at Mar 28,2005 3:21pm
Hails...We have a CD out on Ixiol prod . You can order it online through them or you can order it through us for a bit cheaper. $8 pro copied CD... Occult regards.

Old:: post by metalmatt666 at Feb 27,2005 10:42am
Subject: Valhalla
are you guys playing a show in Columbus on March 18th?

Old:: post by anomymouse at Oct 21,2004 11:55am
Subject: Re: Moo
>how come a mouse makes moo noises?
That's a long, sordid story involving three genetic engineers, a cow, and an out-of-control plasma toroid.


Old:: post by dirteecrayon at Oct 4,2004 11:15pm
Subject: gasp
hey brion,
do you like to get "dirtee"????


Old:: post by Josiah_the_Black at Oct 3,2004 3:28pm
Subject: killer tofu
hey brion,
do you like to get "dirtee"????


Old:: post by Hoser at Aug 24,2004 8:39pm
Subject: Yup
I know the feeling...hahahahaha...we sing it all the time!!!

Old:: post by succubus at Jun 30,2004 12:12am
Subject: la la la
what a sweet-HAAAT you are!
(said with a forced boston accent)

Old:: post by Josiah_the_Black at Jun 21,2004 5:06pm
Subject: mongorians
"If by read, you mean imagined a naked lady, then yes"

Old:: post by swamplorddvm at Jun 5,2004 5:03pm
Subject: HAHAHAH
WHat Abbath does: Rocks!

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