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   le Reporte - Josh_hates_you

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Joined: Feb 26, 2004
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2012
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what's your mom doing tonight? i'd totally hit it.
What Josh_hates_you does
Plays drums in bands. Thinks you suck. Patiently waits for Dec. 21 2012.

User Comments
Old:: post by scottfromzircon at Nov 24,2010 6:44pm
Subject: Zircon room
The room is still looking for people to help rent.. I will be in touch.. Thanks for the interest.

Old:: post by Slymo at Feb 5,2010 9:55am
Subject: does anyone check these things?
i usually dont. anyways, if you're still interested, my number is 617-721-2061 shoot me a text and we can talk about the details.

Old:: post by beelze at Jan 30,2010 11:12am
faggot is a faggot

Old:: post by xgodzillax at Aug 7,2009 12:11pm
Subject: time and place...
name it

Old:: post by paganmegan at Sep 20,2006 10:23am
what is YOUR mom doing tonight?

Old:: post by covenof13 at Jul 27,2006 8:24am
Subject: You
You are too funny.

Old:: post by Josh_hates_you at Jul 19,2004 6:27pm
i suck. fuck me.what an asshole.

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