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i have a professional size kit, the drums aren't that great but i have 3 crash, 1 china, 2 stax, 3 splash, tambourine, wood block, two hi-hats, and a full rack for it all with carpet.
i am currently going to berklee for composition/drumming. i teach drums, and basic theory.
anything else just ask.
What ProgMetalDrumr does
like it sais in the name, im a prog metal drummer.... aka no blast beats. i like technical music like dream theater. but i like to mix it with all sorts of metal.
bands that i like and are influenced by:
dream theater, liquid tension experiment, pantera, fear factory, machine head, slipknot (first cd), mudvayne(first cd), korn(first cd), slayer, sepultura, children of bodem, opeth, lamb of god, soilwork, megadeth, "old" metallica, chimaira, to-mera, between the buried and me, pissing razors primus, maybe even limp bizkit (def. first cd, and none other) ...
not in that order.
i dont care to go crazy fast, stuff like fear factory, or slayer is about as fast as i like to go. and i really dont do blast beats, they don't sound good to me.
i dont mind playing all sorts of stuff mixed in with the metal, like liquid tension experiment.

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