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   le Reporte - TheAccursedVokillist

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Joined: Feb 13, 2006
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Old:: post by FuckIsMySignature at Oct 5,2008 10:52pm
Subject: Withered Sun
when are you planning on jamming with these dudes... i think i might want to check it out.

Old:: post by Sean at Aug 20,2008 2:25am
Hey my email is Send me some lyrics. Do u have any recordings of your vokill skillz? send or link too plz.
I was thinking you could write your part and send it to me if you have the ability to record. If not, I'll check out your lyrics/recordings. If we're of the same mindset I'll have you lay down some tracks and we'll use that finished tune to grab other musicians.

Old:: post by FuckIsMySignature at Apr 15,2007 11:46pm
Subject: acoustic stuff
hey that project sounds interesting... if you wanna shoot me over some info or recordings and what not my email is

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