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hekseri on Nov 4, 2006 at Cambridge Elk's (Cambridge, MA)

hekseri on Oct 18, 2006 at O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma)

hekseri on May 17, 2006 at Skybar (Somerville, Ma)

hekseri on Feb 21, 2006 at O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma)

December 2006
15 FriNachtmystium, Zoroaster, Gravewurm, COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE, Hekseri North Six, Brooklyn
November 2006
24 FriCANCELLED: Gravewurm, Hekseri,Martyrvore, Noosebomb,Zircon 21+ $7 O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma)
18 Sat'The Fast & Loud Fest' w/Hekseri, Throne of Hate, Anomalous, Bleed for Sorrow, Death Haven...All Ages, Doors @ 8:00, $7.00 Living Room, the (Providence, RI)
October 2006
30 MonPRE-HALLOWEEN MASSACRE w/ Hirudinea [as Carnivore, Agnostic Front and more], Into The Unknown [members of Sexcrement & Hekseri as Mercyful Fate], Dissector [as Impetigo], Shit Fuck [as The Misfits], PanzerBastard [as Motorhead] - 8 pm - 21+ O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma)
18 WedRTTP Benefit Show! WATCHMAKER, ABHORRED, REVOCATION, HEKSERI, EXTINCTION AGENDA - 9 PM - $7 - 21+ O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma)
September 2006
19 TueMETALMANIA NIGHT FEATURING: the horus heresy,cythraul,hirudinea,and hekseri, take over tuesdays featuring: THE HORUS HERESY,CYTHRAUL,HIRUDINEA, COFFIN BIRTH, HEKSERI, tba 9pm 21+, o'briens pub (allston, ma) obriens (allston,ma) Obriens Pube 3 Harvard Ave. Allston, MA
07 ThuZircon - Scourge - Hekseri - Mortis Deveia .......$5.........9 pm Ralph's Chadwick Square Rock Club (Worcester, MA)
August 2006
28 MonDeathamphetamine, Ravage, Hekseri, The Accursed, Shit Fuck - 9 pm - 21+ O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma)
July 2006
29 SatCoS CHAOS FEST 5 !!!! with Shroud Of Bereavement, Hekseri, Tractorass, First Shove, Cold Northern Vengeance, Breather, Warblade, Damnation Divine, Fatal Endeavor, Blood Obsession, Senseless Mutilation, Loss For Millenium. FREE Outdoor Show! (Donations always welcome and appreciated!) Gates open @ Noon. Music starts @ 5:00pm! Free Parking/Overnight Camping/Restrooms/Noise !!!! More info @ EAGLES FIELD, East Milan Rd. BERLIN, NH
May 2006
17 WedHirudinea, Hekseri, Cold Northern Vengeance, and Sign of the GoaT - doors @ 8, show at 8:30 The Skybar (Somerville, MA)
13 SatThe Accursed, Inflicted, End it all, Hekseri, Zircon, It Will End In Pure Horror 5$, Doors at 7:30 bands at 8:30 21+ Marshall's Pub, new bedford, ma
February 2006
21 TueHEAVY METAL BREAKDOWN #10: GONNA ROCK YOU, LIKE HELL - Live performances by WATCHMAKER and HEKSERI + Disc Junky Alex Onslaught and Guest DJ Johnny Lumberjack spinning fierce Metal all night - 9PM - $5 - 21+ O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma)

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