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Dec 10, 2006: 100_demons, killing_floor, playgirl, randomshots, the_horror_story, xbackstabx
Apr 23, 2006: cannae, in_dire_need, nerve_gas_tragedy, overcast, the_acacia_strain, within_the_ruins
Feb 26, 2006: aequilibria, beyond_the_embrace, catalyst, green_carnation, tempus_mori, well_enough_alone
Jan 29, 2006: black_days_dawning, in_dire_need, ligeia, on_paths_of_torment, our_final_chapter, the_acacia_strain, torn_asunder
Nov 18, 2005: chuck_brunswick, of_blessings_and_burdens, randomshots, strength_in_numbers, subzero, unearth
Feb 27, 2005: chuck_brunswick, every_single_nerve, locked_in_a_vacancy, randomshots, the_red_chord, what_weapons_bring_war
Feb 6, 2005: angela_rose, fear_for_your_life, invocation_of_nehek, ligeia, randomshots, remembering_never, the_kost
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