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Subject: Another one dead... Club Hell officially closes tonight.
Posted by: by on Dec 14,2011 8:43pm
Club Hell officially closed Phil Amylon, Providence Music Scene Examiner 12/11/2011 7:52 PM

Update: Club Hell has announced that they will be open for one more night on Wednesday, Dec. 14 for a "...(read more)

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Aug 21, 2009 - Schedules announced for New England Deathfest 2009! [ replies-discuss]
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29 Wedbane, have heart, shipwreck, rival mob, outrage, free spirit-$12-All Ages [rttp forum] [link] Club Hell (Providence, RI)
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Picture Comments:
:Feb 4,2009 2:31pm - post by necrokrist
DEICIDE show has been moved to MONDAY says Pathos prod. What the fukk!!!
Oh well....
:Nov 30,2008 10:44am - post by Matt K
Job for a Cowboy still TBA????? is this a day or night show?
:Apr 17,2008 1:26pm - post by benfo
Probably the best venue to play / go see bands in Providence.

and if you have an idea for something else email it
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Mar 10, 2011: gaza, they_live, the_red_chord, trap_them, treachery
Dec 7, 2010: black_tusk, crowbar, sin_of_angels, thy_will_be_done
Nov 7, 2010: bonded_by_blood, evile, forbidden, gama_bomb, overkill, randomshots
Oct 8, 2010: murphys_law, randomshots, reason_to_fight, sons_of_frankenstein, strength_for_a_reason, the_usual_suspects
Jun 25, 2010: elder, howl, nightbitch, pentagram, sin_of_angels
Jun 13, 2010: black_anvil, brutal_truth, eyehategod, gut_bucket, howl, nachtmystium, randomshots, sexcrement, sin_of_angels, tombs
May 2, 2010: evile, god_dethroned, parasitic_extirpation, randomshots, vader, warbringer, woe_of_tyrants
Feb 28, 2010: colin_of_arabia, dri, for_the_worse, product_of_waste, randomshots, reason_to_fight, the_trash_killers, wisdom_in_chains
Sep 29, 2009: baphomets_horns, destroyer_666, randomshots, revocation, vital_remains
Aug 30, 2009: boarcorpse, cephalic_carnage, composted, fit_for_an_autopsy, goreality, mucopus, short_bus_pile_up, viral_load
Aug 29, 2009: abnormality, pathogenic, polterchrist, putrid_pile, revocation, sexcrement
Jul 22, 2009: black_my_heart, bury_your_dead, cannae, colin_of_arabia, on_broken_wings, randomshots
May 10, 2009: and_all_was_silent, back_of_tha_neck, bad_luck_13, bear_trap, billy_club_sandwich, debaser, nassau_chainsaw, pound_for_pound, rampant_decay, randomshots, revenge_ma, weight_of_the_crown
May 9, 2009: breakdown, colin_of_arabia, cruel_hand, death_threat, my_only_freedom, pitfall, product_of_waste, randomshots, strength_for_a_reason, the_mongoloids
May 8, 2009: fear, for_the_worse, mongrel, mouth_sewn_shut, the_paraplegics, the_welch_boys
Jan 9, 2009: ashers, bi_anal_ham_sandwich, eddie_and_the_louvers, murphys_law, reason_to_fight
Nov 30, 2008: all_shall_perish, animosity, annotations_of_an_autopsy, job_for_a_cowboy, randomshots
Nov 21, 2008: agnostic_front, death_before_dishonor, outbreak, randomshots, wisdom_in_chains
Oct 15, 2008: randomshots, the_mentors, the_paraplegics
Sep 2, 2008: dysentery, malamor, origin, parasitic_extirpation, randomshots
Aug 10, 2008: composted, dying_fetus, goreality, malamor, mucopus, revocation, sexcrement
Aug 9, 2008: bloodsoaked, defleshuary, distorted_impalement, dysentery, pessimist, psytoxia, putrid_pile, randomshots, tentacles
Jun 8, 2008: death_haven, randomshots, sexcrement, sin_of_angels, vital_remains
Jun 1, 2008: engineer, giant, peruns_shore, randomshots, rosetta, tides
May 16, 2008: hammer_bros, murderers_row, negative_approach, randomshots, reign_supreme, wisdom_in_chains
May 10, 2008: doosh_bags, eddie_and_the_louvers, intent_to_injure, randomshots, the_meatmen
May 9, 2008: 100_demons, blacklisted, cant_stand_losing, death_threat, let_down, paint_it_black
Oct 14, 2007: colin_of_arabia, madball, outbreak, soul_control, the_mongoloids
Sep 12, 2007: doosh_bags, randomshots, sham69, the_paraplegics
Sep 1, 2007: all_out_war, death_before_dishonor, living_hell, ringworm, shipwreck
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