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Aug 28, 2005: ape_shit, as_long_as_were_all_living_were_all_dying, bsom, disaster_strikes, draw_blood, fruit_salad, locked_in_a_vacancy, nine_was_the_number_of_sea-huge_monsters_i_slew, proteus, randomshots, shanghai_valentine, terminal_youth, the_body, today_is_the_day, withered
Aug 27, 2005: aganihm, animosity, backstabbers_inc, bread_and_roses, ed_gein, grim_aria, infantile_prostitute, raising_kubrick, randomshots, the_heuristic, the_hound, unholy_trinity, wasteland, youth_liberation_front
Aug 24, 2005: flowers_in_the_attic, my_life_with_her_ghost, throwing_shrapnel, triac
Aug 11, 2005: ampere, as_long_as_were_all_living_were_all_dying, haram, hot_cross, red_beard, the_heuristic, transistor_transistor
Jun 19, 2005: ringers
May 26, 2005: analog, flesh_and_blood_robot, raising_kubrick, randomshots, the_heuristic
May 20, 2005: giant_haystacks, manx, protokoll, randomshots, sick_guns, the_heuristic
Apr 29, 2005: continued_without_a_finding, ocean, randomshots, the_body, the_nightmare_continues, throwing_shrapnel, unholy_trinity
Apr 20, 2005: cryptic_warning, elder_moose, pillory, unholy_trinity
Mar 25, 2005: defcon_4, randomshots, sulaco, waking_judea
Mar 17, 2005: continued_without_a_finding, dysrhythmia, randomshots, rosetta
Feb 19, 2005: as_long_as_were_all_living_were_all_dying, last_perfection, locked_in_a_vacancy, randomshots, unholy_trinity
Nov 17, 2004: all_else_failed, disappearer, talk_hard, the_hound
Oct 12, 2004: as_long_as_were_all_living_were_all_dying, backstabbers_inc, requiem, the_spectacle
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