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Oct 6, 2007: cannibal_corpse, goatwhore, randomshots, the_absence, the_black_dahlia_murder, the_red_chord
Apr 11, 2007: a_life_once_lost, norma_jean, randomshots, the_chariot, the_handshake_murders
Dec 20, 2006: bury_your_dead, hatebreed, killswitch_engage
Feb 25, 2006: dark_tranquillity, devin_townsend_band, opeth, randomshots
Jul 5, 2003: byzantine, every_time_i_die, full_blown_chaos, lamb_of_god, randomshots
Mar 9, 2003: goatwhore, nile, the_nightmare_continues, the_red_chord
Feb 15, 2003: beyond_the_embrace, incantation, pungent_stench, rune
Nov 10, 2002: from_autumn_to_ashes, onelinedrawing, planes_mistaken_for_stars, thursday
Nov 9, 2002: cannibal_corpse, hate_eternal, macabre
Sep 28, 2002: dark_tranquillity, in_flames, killswitch_engage, sentenced
Sep 27, 2002: death_threat, hatebreed, shadows_fall, six_feet_under
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