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and if you have an idea for something else email it
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Mar 28, 2008: 36_crazyfists, anger_rising, devildriver, invitro, napalm_death, randomshots, straight_line_stitch, tripmynd
Feb 8, 2008: arsis, devils_champion, exodus, goatwhore, never_the_next_day, randomshots, soul_octane_burner, the_accursed, warbringer
Nov 20, 2007: barron, graveyard_shyft, in_harms_way, paradise_lost, the_accursed
Oct 27, 2007: a_simple_complex, change_of_season, eyes_sewn_shut, kultur, mongrel, prong, provocate, randomshots, rebel_angel, unexpect, warmonger
Oct 19, 2007: after_forever, akel_dama, barron, from_the_shadows, mornalir, the_agonist
Sep 22, 2007: finntroll
Sep 14, 2007: chapter_50, echoes_of_eternity, edguy, into_eternity, light_this_city, mortis_deveia, troll
Sep 8, 2007: akel_dama, barron, epica, purenform, randomshots, the_agonist, visions_of_atlantis, warmonger
Sep 7, 2007: dreaded_silence, eternal_embrace, frozen, insomnium, katatonia, randomshots, scar_symmetry, swallow_the_sun, tripmynd
Aug 17, 2007: chthonic, daath, excrecor, eyes_sewn_shut, iridescent_exposure, nile, putrescine, randomshots, severed_survival, tommy_coma
Jun 9, 2007: candy_striper_death_orgy, chris_caffery, doro, joey_belladonna, meliah_rage, randomshots, steel_assassin, troll
Jun 6, 2007: bound_in_entrails, fuck_the_facts, regurgitate, severed_survival
May 3, 2007: otep
Mar 31, 2007: 1349, aura_of_aquila, averse_sefira, cold_northern_vengeance, goatwhore, mortis_deveia, nachtmystium, randomshots, zircon
Mar 24, 2007: bang_n_jane, before_the_rise, cage_9, deschain, into_apathy, powerman_5000, prospect_hill, randomshots, trouble
Feb 7, 2007: belphegor, deconformity, downfall, krisiun, randomshots, sapremia, unleashed, zircon
Jan 27, 2007: metal_church
Jan 19, 2007: neversaynever, randomshots, trendkill
Jan 6, 2007: acariya, arsis, frozen, goatwhore, god_forbid, ill_conceived, kipe, mnemic, mortis_deveia, our_last_sacrifice, randomshots, ruin, the_human_abstract
Oct 21, 2006: daylight_dies, dreaded_silence, eulogy_xl, frozen, katatonia, moonspell, randomshots, shroud_of_bereavement
Oct 7, 2006: abysmal_dawn, afar, decapitated, deconformity, downfall, heretic_hybrid, krisiun, mortis_deveia, randomshots, six_feet_under, zircon
Sep 29, 2006: first_shove, into_eternity, mongrel, randomshots, windowpane
Sep 28, 2006: breathe, full_blown_chaos, incite, randomshots, scars_of_tomorrow, second_face, soulfly
Jul 28, 2006: coffin_birth, deconformity, goatwhore, hand_choke_neck, life_at_zero, neversaynever, randomshots, suffocation
Jul 27, 2006: 3_inches_of_blood, bad_wizard, deny_the_crown, early_man, fractured_silence, randomshots, wings_never_shattered, within_choking_range
May 19, 2006: burn_my_remains, demiurge, hand_choke_neck, immolation, life_at_zero, porphyria, randomshots, witchtomb
Apr 13, 2006: blackout_frenzy, bloodshed_unreal, broken_moment, hell_within, hexerei, the_autumn_offering, the_human_abstract
Mar 2, 2006: candy_striper_death_orgy, crotalus, heretic_hybrid, overkill, randomshots, recognizer, the_henchmen
Feb 23, 2006: 3_headed_monster, and_then_there_were_none, halo_of_thorns, mercury_switch, my_pet_demon, randomshots, seed, shot_down_sun, sonata_arctica
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