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The Middle East is Located at 472-480 Mass Ave in Central Sq at the corner of Brookline St and Mass Ave in Cambridge, Ma

From the Mass Pike/I-90
Take Brighton/Cambridge Exit off Mass Pike
After toll booth follow signs for Central Square Cambridge
Merge Onto River St.
Cross over Charles River and take River St into Central Square.
Right turn onto Mass Ave
The Middle East is three blocks down on right

From I-93/Storrow Drive
Storrow Drive West Exit off of 93
Take Mass Ave/Cambridge exit off Storrow (LEFT HAND EXIT)
Merge on to Mass Ave Bridge, cross bridge into Cambridge.
Pass M.I.T, Necco Factory and Shell Station.
Club is on left.

By T
Central Square stop on Red Line
Bus # 1,47,70,64,83,91
walk two blocks towards boston.
Club on right at corner of Mass Ave and Brookline St.
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01 SunAxemunkee, Faux Ox, H, Harborlights Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Exiting the Fall, Farewell Dreamer, Like Waves, Kid Disaster, Ascension, As Time Will Tell Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
03 TueThe Pinkerton Thugs, The Scarred (from Anaheim), Tenebrae Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
04 WedEarly Nineties, Fuse (of Glowkids & Fuse), Of The Monarchs, Classiqk Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
06 FriColumbus, Congress, Old English, Turbine (from NYC), Ben Levin Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
07 SatDesiccation, In Armistice, Lost in Aubrey, Steps From Home, In Depths and Tides Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Sun In Flight, Escape To Everything, Thurkills Vision, Travel Amygdala Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
08 SunVirus Cycle, Fog Wizard, Carnivora, Harbor Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
09 MonDC Wonder, Eli Whitney Houston and The Cotton Gin and Tonics, Sho Chan Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
16 MonThe Company We Keep (ex-The Receiving End Of Sirens & Misery Signals), Wind In Sails (ex-Vanna), Safari Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
19 ThuMornin' Old Sport, Old Hat, rrrrrrrooooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
21 SatYoung Pandas, Callback Holly, J Blake, Agree to Disagree, Bright Red Reason Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
22 SunHerra Terra, Blaze P & AntiStar, Art Decade, Halfway To Avalon Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
25 WedAgalloch, Taurus-18+ Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Van Walton, Easter Bloodhounds, A Terrible Beauty, Blarin Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
27 FriThe Road To Bella Terra, Rob Swift (the X-Ecutioners), The Problemaddicts, Alex Russo (Blue Boy Productions), Mad Mauritian Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
30 MonLast Builders Of Empire, Harborlights, Goddard, Faux Ox Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
31 TueAmanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
August 2012red means cancelled
September 2012red means cancelled
October 2012red means cancelled
November 2012red means cancelled
01 ThuFar From Finished, Burning Streets, Cradle To The Grave, OC45 Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
05 MonSix Feet Under, Cattle Decapitation, Wretched, Demoralizer, Replacire-$20-18+ [comments:2] Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
11 SunSUFFOCATION, TOTALITY, SEXCREMENT, ABNORMALITY, SCAPHISM-$17adv $20dayof-18+ [rttp forum] Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Dead Dead, Scourge, Kyridion, Defilement, Black Mass-8-All Ages Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
13 TueRed Fang, Black Tusk, Lord Dying, Indian Handcrafts-$12-18+ Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
14 WedArt Decade, Ellis, Halfway To Avalon, Satellites Fall, Silhouette Rising, Light Sweet Crude Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
16 FriThe Sword, Gypsyhawk & Eagle Claw-18+ Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Wolfbane, Mongrel, Beneath The Stone, Tester Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
17 Sat...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Coathangers, Grass Is Green Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
18 SunAmmonia and Leedz Edutainment Presents: Dead Prez, Jaysaun (of Special Teamz), Reef The Lost Cauze (Philly), DJ Stress Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Beneath The Machine, Yantra, Shatter The Sky, Post-Existence, Life Underneath Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
21 WedMETZ, Pile, Speedy Ortiz Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
24 SatThat's Outrageous, Theatres, In Armistice, Vela Whisper, I'll Wear Your Crown Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Dead Cats Dead Rats, In The Meantime, The Down and Outs, Transit Gloria Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
26 MonFog Wizard (CD Release), Conflagration, Earthstomper, Blacktrip, Descend Upon The Sane Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
30 FriLydia Loveless (Bloodshot Records), Coyote Kolb, The Dirty Truckers, Civil Warblers Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
December 2012red means cancelled
01 SatOilhead, Death Waltz '76, The Outfits, Empty Vessels Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Beneath The Sheets, Harvey Uncouth, Old Money Boys, Analog Heart, For The Record Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
02 SunGhost Thrower, Foreign Tongues, American Verse, Actor | Observer, The Offseason Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
08 SatZozobra (members of Cave In), Elder, Phantom Glue, 13 Billion Years Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
10 MonLT Live Presents: Metal Mondays - Seren, Boarcorpse, Deadfall, Ornamentality, Unrest in Transit Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
14 FriIchabod, The Force, Das Muerte, Mammathor, Frostbite Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
15 SatFighting Friday, Craving Lucy, Silent Season, Faultline, A Simple Complex Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Aviations, Replacire, Native Construct, Buried Electric, Water's Edge Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
16 SunHarry & The Potters, Potter Puppet Pals, Jason Anderson, The Whomping Willows & The Home Alones-$18-All Ages Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
19 WedSins of the Loose Buttons, The Indecent, We Are Oceans, Pray For Sound Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
20 ThuBomb the Music Industry!, Math The Band, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Sean Eldon & The Greatest Date Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
22 SatVela Whisper, Sorrows of Saviors, Allerus Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Pressure Cooker, Destroy Babylon, Truth & Rights Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
23 SunNorcross, Pathfinder, Redwood, Do No Harm, Contender Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
28 FriExiting The Fall, Farewell Dreamer, Theatres, The Versa Contrast, Life on Standby Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
30 SunPile, Kal Marx, Big Long Now, Adult Dude, CGS Power Trio Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
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02 FriNowhere USA, Cheech, Last Call Brawl (NYC), Penalty Kill Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
03 SatCocked N' Loaded (10 Year Anniversary), Mellow Bravo, Motherboar (Farewell Show), Bearstronaut, Wild Zero (Reunion), I Am Become Death (Members of Mean Creek / Cocked N' Loaded / The Vershok / Bang Camaro) Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
07 WedCoolio Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
10 SatGhost Box Orchestra, New Highway Hymnal, CreaturoS, Guillermo Sexo, Moniker, Fagettes, Nice Guys, Doze Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Empty Vessels, The Takeaways, Machine Gun Etiquette, Future Spa, Patrick Simas Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
11 SunKEN Mode, Rosetta, The Proselyte, flyingsnakes (from St. Petersburg, FL), Finisher Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
15 ThuWilson, The Greenery, American Fangs, Great American Ghost Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
18 SunCherry Poppin' Daddies Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
21 WedA Benefit for Strummerville on Joe Strummer's Birthday featuring: Stray Bullets, Far from Finished, Cradle to the Grave, Jason Bennett and The Resistance performing songs by Joe Strummer and The Clash, as well as their own Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Mara, Deception Theory, These Hollow Vessels, Apothecrary, Foul Play Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Little War Twins, Eye Witness, Death Waltz 76 Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
22 ThuChimaira, The Browning, Threat Signal, Dark Sermon, Solanum, Carnivora Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 Union 13 (Epitaph Records), Brunt Of It, The FU's, Red Line Rebels Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
24 SatSheer Terror, New Lows, The Rival Mob, Nothing But Enemies Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
 The Welch Boys, The Bluebloods, The Warning Shots (Featuring Mark Lind of Ducky Boys), Yellow Stitches Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
29 ThuYellabird, Reverend Mothers, Beauchene Skulls, Sand Reckoner Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
30 FriBreathe, Acaro, Marianas, Too Late the Hero Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
31 SatContinental (ex-Dropkick Murphys, The Outlets, Everybody Out!), The Scrapes, Duck and Cover Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
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May 25, 2005: aborted, impaled, kevorkians_angels, leng_tche, malignancy, randomshots
Dec 19, 2004: watchmaker
Oct 26, 2004: akercocke, dimentianon, mortician, porphyria, randomshots, vehemence, watchmaker
Sep 18, 2004: bad_karma, looose_monkey, randomshots, random_acts_of_violence, triphammer, wargasm
Jun 22, 2004: attacking_frequencies, dead_like_death, eighth_empire, randomshots, random_acts_of_violence
Apr 11, 2004: bane_of_existence, phantom_limb, raising_kubrick, randomshots, teratism
Feb 15, 2004: agalloch, lucubro, novembers_doom, the_gathering
Jan 1, 2004: a_cold_reality, feces_pieces, in_dire_need, randomshots, tester
Nov 9, 2003: conifer, disengaged, phantom_limb, randomshots, red_invasion, the_network
Aug 2, 2003: magrudergrind, randomshots, random_acts_of_violence, terminally_your_aborted_ghost, the_accursed
Mar 2, 2003: 16, backstabbers_inc, converge, cursed, sex_positions
Aug 30, 2000: cephalic_carnage, deceased, exhumed, mortician, origin, spider_web_tattoo, today_is_the_day
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