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Dec 21, 2013: dehumanized, dysentery, internal_bleeding, malignancy, randomshots, totality
Jun 7, 2013: forn, host, sea_of_bones, the_body
Aug 17, 2012: crypter, dark_psychosis, deathgod_messiah, haxen, nachzehrer
Sep 9, 2011: malignancy, randomshots, scalpel, sexcrement, totality
May 13, 2011: blessed_offal, dead_languages, intheshit, nachzehrer, nightbitch, randomshots
Apr 29, 2011: black_anvil, blessed_offal, ipsissimus, nachzehrer, randomshots, vattnet_viskar
Mar 19, 2011: black_breath, hivesmasher, motherboar, phantom_glue, randomshots
Jun 30, 2010: anal_cunt, bastard_noise, psycho, randomshots
Jan 25, 2009: get_laid, i_destroyer, rampant_decay, tinsel_teeth
Nov 11, 2008: furnace, randomshots, surroundings, the_network, trap_them
May 15, 2007: amoroso, coliseum, doomriders, prideswallower, randomshots, young_widows
Mar 13, 2005: abhorred, ascendancy, randomshots, shroud_of_bereavement, the_binding, the_taste_of_silver
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