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Mar 24, 2012: for_the_worse, panzerbastard, randomshots, revilers, slapshot, the_enemy_within
Dec 12, 2009: boarcorpse, composted, parasitic_extirpation, randomshots, scaphism, stiff
May 30, 2007: apiary, astronomer, autumn_black, in_dire_need, randomshots, the_horror_story, with_no_remorse
Feb 20, 2007: face_full_of_shotgun, misery_signals, randomshots, the_human_abstract, war_on_our_shores
Dec 28, 2006: four_year_strong, therefore_i_am, the_dear_hunter, wax_on_radio
Aug 24, 2006: arsis, becoming_the_archetype, ed_gein, porphyria, revocation
May 7, 2006: disappearer, doomriders, ed_gein, first_blood, randomshots, the_red_chord
Apr 22, 2006: absence_of_the_sun, cannae, coffin_birth, end_it_all, godless_rising, goreality, randomshots, sacreligion
Apr 1, 2006: in_dire_need, move_the_rabbit, mucopus, mutilated, proteus, randomshots, sexcrement
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