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Subject: Metal Thursday article in Pulse Magazine
Posted by: by on Dec 3,2007 4:37am

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Octoberred means cancelled
26 ThuMT Presents: 6th Annual Heavy Metal Halloween Covers Weekend 2017 SOUNDGARDEN (as performed by members of BIRCH HILL DAM, WINTERBOLT, ex-SECOND GRAVE), PAUL DI'ANNO-era IRON MAIDEN (as performed by members of GRAVE KNIGHT, RECKLESS FORCE, SONIC PULSE), FEAR (as performed by members of PSYCHO, DESOLATE, CONCLAVE), ARCH ENEMY (as performed by members of EPISODES, MERITHIUS, SCREAMS OF HOCKOMOCK & friends) Ralph's Chadwick Square Rock Club (Worcester, MA)
27 FriMT Presents: 6th Annual Heavy Metal Halloween Covers Weekend 2017 AMON AMARTH (as performed by members of CHRONOVORE, ICE GIANT), BOLT THROWER (as performed by members of SOLIUM FATALIS, EXCRECOR, IRON GAG), GOD DETHRONED (as performed by members of BOARCORPSE, BENTHIC REALM, LORE, ex-HELSOTT w/ MT CHRIS), ENTOMBED (as performed by SENTIENT HORROR), MARDUK (as performed by members of ASHEN WINGS, AVERSED) Ralph's Chadwick Square Rock Club (Worcester, MA)
28 SatMT Presents: 6th Annual Heavy Metal Halloween Covers Weekend 2017 OPETH "My Arms, Your Hearse" in its entirety (as performed by members of DYHANNA, THE BEAST OF NOD w/ BILL RICHARDS of METAL NEW ENGLAND), TWISTED SISTER (as performed by members of CONCILIUM, BALISET, FACES OF BAYON w/ MT JACKY), ANAAL NATHRAKH (as performed by members of ABNORMALITY, UNFLESH, ASHEN WINGS, MERITHIUS), GLORYHAMMER (as performed by members of ICE GIANT, PERENNIAL QUEST, AGE OF EMBERS), SKELETONWITCH "Beyond the Permafrost" set (as performed by members of GRAVITON, SONIC PULSE) Ralph's Chadwick Square Rock Club (Worcester, MA)
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Feb 21, 2008: armory, from_the_shadows, in_harms_way, randomshots, ravage
Jan 3, 2008: aetherius, a_terrible_night_for_a_curse, bereavement, graveheart, randomshots
Dec 20, 2007: dysentery, ehnahre, noosebomb, randomshots, severed_survival
Oct 18, 2007: aura_of_aquila, dominatus, ipsissimus
Sep 20, 2007: graveheart, graves_over_autumn, gwynbleidd, nocturnum, randomshots
Aug 15, 2007: nefastus_dies, wolven_ancestry
Aug 2, 2007: abnormality, coffin_birth, randomshots, sapremia, severed_survival
Jun 21, 2007: dreaded_silence, eternal_embrace, polaris, randomshots, shroud_of_bereavement
Apr 5, 2007: bereavement, pillory, proteus, randomshots, sexcrement
Mar 1, 2007: discreate, dominatus, downfall, the_accursed
Feb 1, 2007: gutwrench, joe_stump, polaris, randomshots, revocation
Dec 9, 2006: face_full_of_shotgun, throwing_shrapnel
Dec 7, 2006: bane_of_existence, death_sick, nephillim, randomshots, zircon
Mar 26, 2006: bloodhorse, doomriders, randomshots, seemless
Aug 14, 2005: affinity_for_nothing, cavour, goat_island, randomshots, seemless, silent_drive
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