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:May 13,2008 10:01am - post by FYLV_Promo
we need to rent is fucking place out
:May 13,2008 10:01am - post by FYLV_Promo
we need to rent is fucking place out
:Jan 27,2007 1:57am - post by XjirrahX
In Shepherds Arms is trying to set up a tour and we were wondering if you would be able to help us out. If so contact us at

and if you have an idea for something else email it
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Nov 22, 2008: 100_demons, black_my_heart, colin_of_arabia, death_before_dishonor, debaser, in_my_eyes, on_broken_wings, palehorse, randomshots, shere_khan, the_bonus_army, the_carrier
Jul 29, 2007: agnostic_front, colin_of_arabia, cut_throat, freya, palehorse, pledge_of_resistance, subzero
Jun 15, 2007: a_loss_for_words, energy, im_sorry_new_york, orchestrate_the_incident, randomshots, the_confrontation, the_miles_between
Apr 20, 2007: colin_of_arabia, downhill_fast, have_heart, new_lows, randomshots, the_kids_cant_lose, the_mongoloids, trust_in_few, wisdom_in_chains
Feb 23, 2007: 25_ta_life, cut_throat, living_hell, near_defeat, ramallah, stout
Nov 10, 2006: 40_second_love_story, bateman, black_my_heart, in_our_blood, randomshots, shattered_realm, shere_khan, strength_for_a_reason
Oct 3, 2006: bound_by_regret, everyday_hate, hoods, in_our_blood, pull_the_trigger
Sep 22, 2006: bateman, colin_of_arabia, cut_throat, downhill_fast, everyday_hate, mark_lind, ramallah, randomshots, rob_lind
Aug 25, 2006: 40_second_love_story, arsis, becoming_the_archetype, blood_stands_still, ed_gein, in_our_blood, one_dead_three_wounded, randomshots, the_divining, xdeathstarx
Aug 22, 2006: blacklisted, ceremony, energy, go_it_alone
Aug 18, 2006: colin_of_arabia, death_before_dishonor, donnybrook, listen_up, living_hell, randomshots, terror
Jun 23, 2006: 40_second_love_story, bloodhorse, colin_of_arabia, dead_city, doomriders, the_hope_conspiracy
Jun 9, 2006: cant_stand_losing, everyday_hate, in_our_blood, randomshots, screams_of_erida, shere_khan, unearth
May 12, 2006: au_pair, a_terrible_night_for_a_curse, beat_to_death, dour_cursiva, in_dire_need, randomshots, rohis, the_departed
Apr 21, 2006: 40_second_love_story, blacklisted, converge, doomsday_device, guns_up, randomshots, rise_and_fall
Mar 31, 2006: betrayed_by_all, choose_your_weapon, death_before_dishonor, in_our_blood, listen_up, randomshots, strength_for_a_reason
Mar 29, 2006: a_loss_for_words, colin_of_arabia, guns_up, set_your_goals, the_affiliated
Mar 17, 2006: 25_ta_life, cant_stand_losing, cut_throat, diesel, in_remembrance, shoot_your_wounded, the_confrontation
Feb 17, 2006: hoods, palehorse, randomshots, will_to_live
Feb 16, 2006: death_before_dishonor, hoods, ramallah, randomshots, remembering_never, will_to_live
Jan 27, 2006: 25_ta_life, 40_second_love_story, cut_throat, dying_for_it, killing_floor, randomshots, years_spent_cold
Nov 11, 2005: death_threat, palehorse, randomshots, shere_khan, shipwreck, shoot_to_kill, youth_attack
Oct 28, 2005: a_loss_for_words, cant_stand_losing, cut_throat, for_the_worse, ramallah, randomshots, vandelay
Oct 14, 2005: american_werewolves, colin_of_arabia, death_before_dishonor, doomriders, integrity, randomshots, the_wrong_side
Oct 11, 2005: 100_demons, cut_throat, donnybrook, in_our_blood, terror, the_banner
Sep 4, 2005: cant_stand_losing, date_rape, death_before_dishonor, death_threat, far_out, for_the_worse, in_our_blood, one_false_move, palehorse, randomshots, since_the_flood, the_killer
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