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Take I-91 to the mall exit in Holyoke, them mapquest it from there
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Apr 1, 2015: cease_to_exist, cringe, discourse, fuming_mouth, harms_way, homewrecker, wasted_blood
Mar 22, 2015: abdicate, another_vendetta, brutemukti, forced_asphyxiation, incontinence, parasitic_extirpation, scalpel, shroud, splattered_entrails
Nov 6, 2014: faces_of_bayon, full_of_hell, lazer_wolf, razamov, weedeater
Jan 16, 2014: apes_of_wrath, caught_in_a_crowd, futile_justice, power_trip, risk, violence_to_fade
Dec 9, 2012: every_time_i_die, kills_and_thrills, randomshots, the_chariot
Aug 5, 2012: aegaeon, enfold_darkness, fallujah, fit_for_an_autopsy, oathbreaker
Feb 19, 2012: 100_demons, apes_of_wrath, colin_of_arabia, death_threat, palehorse
Nov 20, 2010: born_low, gaza, randomshots, terror, the_acacia_strain, the_contortionist, the_red_chord
Nov 9, 2010: attila, chelsea_grin, in_the_midst_of_lions, monsters, oceano
Sep 10, 2010: despised_icon, gone_astray, misery_index, randomshots, revocation, years_since_the_storm
Jul 11, 2010: 100_demons, cant_heal, colin_of_arabia, hammer_bros, palehorse, revenge, shoot_to_kill
Jan 17, 2010: calling_all_creeps, disembodied, the_acacia_strain, torchbearer, years_since_the_storm
Nov 1, 2009: death_before_dishonor, forfeit, rise_and_fall, shoot_to_kill, steel_nation, xsurvivex
Nov 9, 2008: architect, overcast, randomshots, the_red_chord, within_the_ruins
Mar 2, 2008: beneath_the_massacre, born_of_osiris, pictures_of_winter, randomshots, see_you_next_tuesday, the_network, tony_danza_tapdance_extravaganza
Jan 27, 2008: a_life_of_chaos, cockpunch, full_blown_chaos, halfhearted_comeback, meltdown, randomshots, since_the_flood, takedown_syndrome
Jan 16, 2008: attitude, conqueror, forfeit, pressures_on, randomshots, where_i_stand, word_for_word
Dec 9, 2007: a_life_of_chaos, halfhearted_comeback, impending_doom, pictures_of_winter, too_pure_to_die, whitechapel
Oct 31, 2007: a_life_once_lost, conqueror, suicide_silence, the_agony_scene, walls_of_jericho
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